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Step aside, long Furbies — long Hatchimals have arrived

Step aside, long Furbies — long Hatchimals have arrived


It’s part unicorn, part llama, and all of 32 inches tall

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Image: Hatchimals

Hatchimals, the line of best-selling collectible toys, which includes the robotic stuffed bird that “hatches” itself into existence, is debuting a new, very long addition today. Its name is Llalacorn: it’s part unicorn, part llama, and it’s got an extendable neck that lets it grow up to 32 inches tall. Llalacorn has style and glamour, and it’s coming for Long Furby’s spot as the de facto cursed toy of the internet.

Spin Master’s Hatchimals WOW comes in purple or pink, but you won’t know which one you get until you hatch it by tilting the egg back and forth. When it’s ready, the rainbow eyes will light up through the shell, and it’ll stretch out its neck and push the egg top off. It’ll take five minutes for it to assume its final form. When it’s done, it’ll sing “Hatchy Birthday!” to itself.

Comin’ out of my cage, and I’ve been doin’ just fine.
Comin’ out of my cage, and I’ve been doin’ just fine.
Image: Hatchimals

Llalacorn is the first re-hatchable Hatchimal, so you can relive the joy of its birth over and over again. Just snuggle Llalacorn to shrink it down, at which point, it can be stuffed back into its egg. If you want to make it grow again, you can tickle it, lure it with the confetti fruit accessory, or play music and it’ll “grow taller belting out the high note.” It’s got the range!

Much of Hatchimals’ success can be attributed to a strong understanding of internet trends. Spin Master came up with the concept for the original Hatchimals in 2014 after examining the popularity of YouTube unboxing videos and envisioning a toy that could “unbox” itself. The company has also found success with Hatchimals Colleggtibles, which are tiny toys that come in an egg carton and can be cracked open to reveal new characters. It’s perfect fodder for kids’ YouTube channels, giving them enough material for a continuous series of “who’s inside?” videos.

So could it be possible that Spin Master has followed the saga of the Long Furby — a Furby modified to have a snakelike body that first found viral fame on Tumblr — before deciding there was a demand for unusually long stuffed toys? Or maybe it was inspired after watching the trailer for Netflix’s upcoming coming-of-age film Tall Girl, a movie about a high school girl who is tall? Whatever the reason, Hatchimals WOW comes with “10 surprise moods” and “over 250 sounds and reactions,” so it was made to be filmed for content. It’s also, much like a Long Furby, kind of jarring to look at, which means it’ll be sure to grab short attention spans on TikTok.


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Available October 1st for $79.99

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