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You can now waste $139 on a wooden case for your precious Apple Card

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Finally, an Apple accessory with no ecosystem lock-in

Image: Kerf

By now you’ve probably heard that storing your fancy new Apple Card in leather risks discoloring it. That rules out carrying the card around in a traditional wallet or purse, so why not carry around a small wooden case for your card instead? That’s what Kerf is suggesting, and it’s produced a dead-tree vessel that’s meant to hold precisely one Apple Card. Prices start at $39 for a simple box made out of maple, jumping to $139 if you want a case made of “Figured Walnut” with a custom image printed on it.

There are too many exorbitant little details on this product page for a wooden box to try and list them all, but here are some of my faves:

  • Although the case is designed for the Apple Card, Kerf is kind enough to admit that it “will also work with other credit cards.” Finally, an Apple accessory with no ecosystem lock-in.
  • This case, which looks as thick as a regular multi-card holder, “holds one card only.” Kerf has a more optimistic view, however, and boasts that it’s only as thick as the company’s current iPhone cases.
  • Most companies like to talk about the years of research and development they pour into their products. Kerf brags about spending “a week looking at the smallest details” of its card case.
  • Kerf also produces a range of wooden iPhone cases, and you better believe it thinks the Apple Card case would look great alongside them.
Getting the card out of the case is a two stage process. First you slide off the top of the case...
Image: Kerf
...then you pop the card out.
Image: Kerf

Finally, please just imagine the look on the shop assistant’s face when it looks like you’re going to pay for lunch with an over-engineered box of fancy cigarillos.

The new cases are all made to order, and (probably) won’t discolor your Apple Card. Kerf says you should expect them to ship within 1-3 weeks of your order date.