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The Apple Card was made to be defaced

The Apple Card was made to be defaced


Customize your titanium Apple Card with a CNC machine

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Apple may be warning owners of its new titanium credit card against storing the card in leather wallets for fear it could tarnish its all-white finish, but the company may have inadvertently created the perfect canvas for savvy DIYers.

Twitter user Nick Wiegand clued us into this when he posted a picture this afternoon to Twitter and Instagram of his Apple Card after he sent it through a CNC machine, which is a computer-controlled machine tooling device. The result is an Apple Card emblazoned with the intricate decals found on the back of a Bicycle playing card.

Wiegand also managed to capture a hyperlapse of the process, showing off his Apple Card during the CNC surgery:

The end result is rather stunning:

Wiegand isn’t the only one with this fantastic idea. 9to5Mac reported earlier this week of an Apple Card owner who polished off the white finish on his card to create a bare metal version of the device.

Photo: Lukas / 9to5Mac

It seems like there are plenty of other neat little designs and other machining tricks you can experiment with on the Apple Card. But beware: it may not be in the best interest of every card owner to sacrifice their own freshly finished titanium unit unless they happen to really know what they’re doing, like Wiegand. CNC machines are not for the faint of heart.