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Here’s the zany internal Apple music video you’ve probably never seen

Here’s the zany internal Apple music video you’ve probably never seen


Spoiler: you will not learn how to use EasyPay

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This morning, we introduced you to The Apple Archive, an unofficial collection of the Cupertino company’s official videos, print ads, marketing images, and even some eye-opening internal training videos — check out young Woz and his single earring at the beginning of this early video on the value of patents!

But at the time, we were blissfully unaware that the archive also included this delightful monstrosity: a four-minute music video masquerading as an “Easy Pay training video.”

We will now inflict it upon you:

It just keeps on going, doesn’t it?

I can guess what you’re thinking, but no, these employees were not fired — in fact, a LinkedIn profile suggests lead singer Brian Maslow spent five more years at the company and got promoted first to train his fellow Apple retail employees, later trained Whole Foods employees, and is now a manager of talent development at NBCUniversal.

There appear to be plenty more internal videos and unreleased videos in The Apple Archive’s collection too, and a handy search feature if you’re only interested in those. Ever seen the original iMac ad where Jeff Goldblum and some kids are hiding under a table because they’re scared of cables? Or the video where Apple demolishes one of its classic buildings in slow motion, set to the perfect tune? Check ‘em out while you can.

And if you now find yourself with a craving for more disastrous tech company music videos, just check out this catchy number that most definitely did not save BlackBerry from being scorned by app developers in 2012.

Update, January 26th: Replaced video with a YouTube copy, since the Vimeo version from the Apple Archive has now been taken down.