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Even pokémon are getting in on the ASMR mukbang trend

Even pokémon are getting in on the ASMR mukbang trend


he cronch

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The Pokémon Company has released two ASMR videos to kick off your weekend: one featuring a Charmander peacefully snoozing beside a crackling fire, and one with a Chespin munching away on some macarons. “This is a ASMR video for those who need a gentle Pokémon touch in everything!” the description reads. Headphones are recommended for optimal effect, so you can take in the full sounds of the crunching and crackling.

ASMR and pokémon are really a perfect match, because the tingly sensation I get from listening to soft sounds and voices are one and the same as the warm fuzzies I get from looking at cute pokémon. The 30-minute video of Charmander’s fireside slumber can be found on the official Japanese Pokémon channel. I’m bookmarking this one for next Christmas, so I can have it on in the living room instead of the holiday yule log.

Meanwhile, the eight-minute video of Chespin happily streaming a mukbang session can be found over on Pokémon Kids TV. Called “Chespin’s Happy Snack Time,” the title also includes “Kids Song,” but there’s no actual singing here, just the sounds of some crunching. The channel normally posts singalong videos featuring pokémon, so Chespin won’t have to worry about violating COPPA laws.

It’s been a busy January for The Pokémon Company, as it announced an expansion pack for Pokémon Sword and Shield earlier this month, and released a new animated series this week. Now it’s time for everyone to relax with some soothing ASMR.