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Maisie Williams wants you to ‘Let It Go’ and buy an electric Audi in new Super Bowl ad

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Audi wants ICE — internal combustion engines — gone. Puns!

Sick of ICE? Audi is too — ICE, as in the “internal combustion engine,” which Audi wants customers to “Let It Go” in proper Frozen fashion in its new Super Bowl advertisement promoting its E-Tron Sportback electric car, starring Maisie Williams.

The commercial sees Williams — best known for her role as Arya Stark on HBO’s Game of Thrones, and presumably no stranger to being sick of ice and ice-related things — driving Audi’s new electric car while stuck in traffic with gasoline-fume-spewing cars. She quickly turns around in her E-Tron Sportback, and belts out the chorus to Disney’s animated ear-worm along with other disaffected car owners, a singing gas station mascot, an angry businessman in a limo, and other satisfied E-Tron owners.

Audi squeezes out as many double meanings as it can from nearly every line of the licensed tune, which makes sense, given that it almost certainly wasn’t cheap to get Disney to let them use the song. But while working toward more sustainable cars is definitely a good thing, the ad does have one downside: it’ll almost certainly get “Let It Go” stuck back in your head again when it airs Sunday during the game.