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Slack is down... to collaborate on these limited-edition sneakers

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The most ambitious crossover event in workplace messaging history?

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A teaser image (which we’ve brightened) shows the upcoming sneaker designs.
Image: Cole Haan

Shoemaker Cole Haan is collaborating with Slack, everyone’s favorite occasionally offline workplace messaging service on a new pair of limited-edition sneakers. The Slack-branded shoes are expected to be properly unveiled Wednesday when they’re set to “drop” (am I saying that right?). But for now Cole Haan has teased the designs in a dimly lit image posted to its social media channels.

I may live to regret saying this but... I actually don’t hate the look of them? Cole Haan is producing four different versions of the sneaker which each use one of Slack’s primary colors for their soles, and they all have small Slack logos on the heel cap. To be clear, I am absolutely not in the market for a pair of workplace-messaging-app-branded sneakers, but if I were then these are probably the ones I’d go for.

According to Cole Haan’s landing page for the sneakers, they were designed “with the Slack crew, over Slack.” It also notes that they’re limited edition, so don’t expect them to become a permanent fixture in Cole Haan’s shoe lineup. The shoemaker previously collaborated with Slack on a promotional video, in which Cole Haan talked about how it uses the messaging service.

If you’re looking to complete your Slack look, then might I suggest also investing in a pair of Slack branded socks? They’re available in your choice of cream or purple, and the listing advertises that they’re knitted “with care” in North Carolina.

Cole Haan doesn’t appear to have announced pricing for the Slack shoes just yet, but they’re unlikely to be as expensive as a pair of Apple-branded sneakers which Gizmodo reports sold for almost $10,000 at auction back in March. The shoes were made for Apple’s employees back in the early 90s, and feature the company’s original and iconic multi-colored logo. Now there’s a pair of corporate sneakers I’d actually consider wearing, so long as I could buy them for $9,950 less that what they last sold for.