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Raise your hand if ‘Cash App launches a clothing line’ was on your 2020 bingo card

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It seems like an obvious step, really

A 3D model wearing a 3D model of the clothing
It’s staring into my soul.
Photo: Cash App

If you’ve ever used Cash App and thought “wow, I wish I could put this on my body...” we may need to talk about your relationship with apps. But also you’re in luck! The payment service announced in a tweet today that it’s launching its own apparel line, called (what else) Cash. According to its website, the apparel line will follow the standard streetwear release model of “limited edition drops”.

If you follow this link from the tweet, you’ll first be subjected to some creepy 3D models — you can click on them to make them dance — before you actually get to the shop. Once there, you can browse the “fits” (as I’ve heard the kids calling them). If you need a new T-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, or pair of pants, and for some reason don’t mind being a walking billboard for a company that makes money when you spend money, you can, of course, buy one using your Cash Card. You’ll even get an extra 25 percent off if you use its service instead of a credit card. And, if you’re worried about getting chilly from the ice-cold look you’ll soon be rocking, you can even get a scarf.