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Microsoft assures Xbox fans that the Series X is, in fact, smaller than a fridge

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Don’t worry about it taking up too much space in your room

Image: Microsoft

When Microsoft first revealed the Xbox Series X, a lot of people started comparing the console’s design to a fridge. Microsoft seems to understand the comparison, and today it’s assuring fans that although Series X may look like a fridge, it’s not nearly as big as one.

Microsoft tweeted a picture comparing the dimensions of its upcoming gaming console to an actual refrigerator this morning. You can see why people would make fun of the console for looking like a household appliance: when it stands vertically, its rectangular shape resembles the boxy outline of a fridge, and the disc drive looks a lot like a door handle.

In the tweet, Microsoft lists the mock-up fridge’s height as 70 inches. According to SFGate, the height for an average fridge ranges from 67 to 70 inches. The Xbox Series X stands at 11.85 inches tall, meaning you can’t trick your friends into thinking it looks like the common household appliance.

But the Series X is still a giant if we compare it to older consoles. The Xbox Series X stands at 2.4 inches vertically, and the PS4 Pro stands at 2.17 inches. We still have no information on the measurements of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5.

Of course, a fridge is not the only thing people compared the Xbox Series X to; one person said it looked like a trash can, The Onion said it looks like a skyscraper, and there’s a meme of how the Series X looks like a bazooka.

So it’s safe to say that Microsoft’s ninth-generation gaming console will be a big one — but clearly still about the size of a home console.