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Movie advertising is now just making Zoom backgrounds

Movie advertising is now just making Zoom backgrounds


Maybe they’ll come out, someday

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Movie posters and billboards are useless right now, so marketing teams all seem to have landed on the same solution: Zoom backgrounds.

Yesterday, Pixar tweeted out backgrounds for Toy Story, Cars, and Up. The Twitter accounts for the Top Gun sequel, the Spongebob movie, and the Quiet Place sequel offered their own Zoom backgrounds. And CBS and Starz got in on the move too, offering up backgrounds for Young Sheldon, Big Brother, and a bunch of sitcoms I’ve never heard of.

Your mileage will vary depending on what kind of event you’re joining.

Meeting with your boss? Probably don’t pull up in a fighter jet.

You’ll also want to avoid looking like you’re in imminent danger or very clearly trying to promote a movie that might, possibly, come out months from now.

No, seriously, don’t use the embarrassing movie ones.

Do not float into a horrifying entertainment-themed abyss.

Where am I?

What has become of this world?

Is there anything left out there... outside this virtual abyss?