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Here are five things with four wheels that cost less than the Mac Pro’s $700 wheel kit

Here are five things with four wheels that cost less than the Mac Pro’s $700 wheel kit


$700 buys you a lot of things with four wheels

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Image: Apple

Yesterday, Apple announced that it’s now selling individual wheel kits for its Mac Pro — and like the computer it’s used for, these are some pricy rims. 

If you are like me, you are probably thinking that these wheels are not only expensive, but are not worth the money (they don’t even have locks to stop your fancy computer from rolling away), so I decided to look up a bunch of products that also have four wheels and are significantly cheaper than $699 wheels for an Apple computer.

  • Four wheels and tires on Tire Rack: It’s probably not the best idea to be driving right now, but if you are in the market for new tires and wheels, you should know that they sometimes cost less than buying an optional accessory for a Mac Pro. I went on Tire Rack and did a random search and found a wheels and tires bundle for a very typical commuter car for around $550. I mean I personally don’t own a Toyota Corolla, but if you do and need new wheels and tires, this is a pretty good deal.
  • Four-wheeled, self-propelled lawn mower: Maybe you don’t need new tires, but want to tackle the long grass in your yard. You can buy a four-wheeled, self-propelled lawn mower that usually retails for $399, but it’s on sale for $349, which means you can get two of these for the cost of the Mac Pro wheels.
  • Vinyl basket truck: If you are moving anytime soon and are short on manpower, this vinyl basket truck retails for $230, so you can be a strong, independent mover who doesn’t need extra hands to move your belongings into a new home.
  • Jeep Power Wheels: Perhaps you don’t need any of the previous things I just mentioned. If you have a child perhaps you want to buy them a new toy, like this kids battery-powered, two-seater Jeep, which costs $309.99, less than half the price of the Mac Pro wheels.
  • Pedal go-kart: Looking to spoil your kid but don’t have space for a battery-powered vehicle? Not a problem, here’s a pedal-powered go-kart that retails for $109.99. Either way, you can put a smile on your kid’s face.

Finally, if you don’t care about wheels but do want something with an Apple logo on it, you can also buy two iPad Pro Magic Keyboards (11-inch or 12.9-inch) for less than the wheels kit, though the 12.9-inch model is pushing it close. If you are looking to upgrade a phone, the recently announced iPhone SE starts at $399 and releases later this month. You’ll have a complete, brand-new iPhone and $300 in your pocket, instead.

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