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Mac Pro saddlebag brings some Old West flair to your $6,000 computer

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I’m gonna take my Mac Pro to the old town road, but I can’t ride it

Image: WaterField Designs

If you want to add a Wild West aesthetic to the extremely pricey yet powerful Mac Pro, there’s now a leather saddle you can buy for $399 to give it that cowboy vibe, as spotted by Gizmodo.

The Mac Pro Gear Saddle by WaterField Design flips over the top of the computer, featuring seven pockets ranging in size and spread out across both sides of the saddle. It’s meant to let you store accessories like a Magic Keyboard or a pair of headphones, which sounds convenient but is also extremely impractical given the Mac Pro is primarily a stationary desktop computer. Of course, if you purchased the $400 wheels from Apple to give your Mac Pro some mobility, then you might benefit from the extra pocket space.

While this leather saddle is stylish, I strongly advise you don’t buy this accessory just to ride your computer around your house like a noble steed.