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New Sims 4 patch adds ladders but also a bug where Sims pee fire

New Sims 4 patch adds ladders but also a bug where Sims pee fire


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Image: EA

We regret to inform you that a newly released patch for The Sims 4 seems to be making some sims pee fire. RockPaperShotgun brought the reports to our attention, with users posting about the behavior across several Reddit threads. The patch was released ahead of the game’s new Eco Lifestyle expansion pack and includes numerous new features including ladders (which appear to have their own fun glitches), a repo person NPC for the base game, and itemized bills.

If there was ever a good time for sims to start indulging in bodily-based toilet arson it would be now, thanks to the new firefighter NPCs that the patch has also added to the game. Unfortunately, the good news ends there. RockPaperShotgun reports that some of the new recruits don’t appear to actually be very good at firefighting, with some turning up to just stand and watch the fires that they were supposed to put out. Another player found their firefighters taking a break from work to dance together.

Unfortunately, some of the bugs introduced by yesterday’s patch are a little more serious than others, with users reporting that their existing saves are crashing, putting hours of gameplay progress at risk. A member of the game’s support team has said that the team is aware of the reports, and says that they’re currently investigating the issues. Updates are also expected for much of the custom content and mods that are broken as a result of the patch — a thread over on The Sims forums is tracking the update progress.

In the meantime, if you want the new content without having to risk your saves, then the advice seems to be to remove any fan-made mods or custom content (a frequent source of bugs and glitches) and backup your save files before you install the new patch.

It’s not surprising that a patch is causing issues for a six-year old game with a huge vibrant modding community and dozens of official add-ons. But hopefully Maxis and EA can get these fire peeing sims in order before they burn the whole house to the ground.