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Watch an engineer build the world’s most adorable, tiny iMac

Watch an engineer build the world’s most adorable, tiny iMac


In case a regular iMac takes up too much desk space

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Apple’s iMacs are pretty beautiful products, but engineer and designer Michael Pick managed to make Apple’s iMac absolutely adorable by shrinking it.

Pick uploaded a video to his YouTube channel demonstrating the process of making the “world’s smallest iMac” from beginning to end. That includes designing the project and 3D printing the various parts, testing the Raspberry Pi’s (which powers the computer) fit in an attempt to make it “as thin as possible,” and applying the primer and painting. The entire video is set to some pretty stellar lo-fi hip-hop beats, creating a pretty serene experience. It ends with Pick benchmarking his “iMac” by playing Minecraft as you do. I’m also a sucker for anyone using a Red Bull can for scale.

Pick notes that he’s going to be building some more mini computers and will upload videos documenting the process to his channel. Pretty rad! Whether you’re an engineer, designer, technology DIY aficionado, or just someone who likes to watch people build things and listen to lo-fi hip-hop, Pick’s video is a pretty good time. If you need something else to watch after, he also created the “world’s smallest gaming PC.”