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Lego is making a Baby Yoda set, and I love him already

I’ll take five

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Image: Lego

You know what’s better than buying a toy version of The Child Baby Yoda? Building a replica of Baby Yoda by purchasing the new set Lego is making.

That’s right. Lego is releasing a new 1,073-piece set that allows you to recreate the adorable character from The Mandalorian in all his glory. It stands 7.8 inches tall and is designed for builders ages 10 and up.

The set does not just net you a Lego statue of a cute character: you can have some fun with how he poses in your house. When built fully, Baby Yoda has a posable head, plus adjustable ears and mouth.

The set includes an info plaque that shares more details on Baby Yoda, such as his height and age, as if the statue were an exhibit you would see at the museum. It also includes a traditional Lego Minifigure, meaning you get two Baby Yodas for the price of one (double the cuteness).

Preorders will open up at 4PM ET / 1PM PT today on Lego’s website and will cost $79.99. The Lego set will release on October 30th, which is conveniently the same release date for the second season of The Mandalorian.