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Slack’s new recent status feature is roasting us for our many lunch breaks

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I ate something green yesterday I swear

Need to tell your co-workers you’re taking lunch? Slack will now let you pick from your last five custom statuses so you don’t have to type them (and find the right emoji) over and over again.

That’s it, that’s the news — but it’s already becoming a most welcome feature at The Verge, let me tell you.

Except perhaps for the shaming:

At least Kaitlin’s got lots of protein and fruit in her diet, unlike me (see top image). I may need to lay off the carbs a bit?

The changes appear to be server-side, and they’re new as of September — but contrary to what Slack’s changelog says, we’re seeing them on Android and iOS as well, not just desktop.

I guess you could use them for other things than lunch, if you really wanted to.