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You can watch the Snyder Cut while snacking on a $130 Justice League-themed meal kit

You can watch the Snyder Cut while snacking on a $130 Justice League-themed meal kit


Don’t just watch the Snyder Cut — eat the Snyder Cut

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Zack Snyder’s Justice League — known to fans as the mythical “Snyder Cut” — hits HBO Max on March 18th, and Warner Bros. is celebrating the at-home blockbuster relaunch in a unique way: with customized, themed $130 Snyder Cut meal boxes.

Described as “a first-of-its-kind, immersive, at-home dining experience” for customers in the US and the UK, Warner Bros. is teaming up with Wonderland Restaurants (a self-described “creative & innovation studio for the food and beverage industry”) to create the kits. Wonderland Restaurants is also currently working on Park Row, an upcoming high-end DC Comics-themed restaurant in London that was announced in early 2020.

The meal kits are designed to resemble the film’s MacGuffin-y Mother Boxes and cost $130 for a kit for two or $260 for four (shipping and taxes not included). Inside will be a variety of Justice League-adjacent food: the “Ocean Trench” appetizer for Aquaman, consisting of “Icelandic cod and chips with trench dressing” and the “Big Belly Burger” for the Flash, alluding to the fictional DC universe burger joint.

Other menu items that have yet to be revealed include the Superman and cornfield-inspired “Resurrection,” the Wonder Woman-themed “Ancient Themysciran Fire,” and the more mundane “Snack and Extras.” Also included are Koul-Brau beers and Jitters cold brew, which both also allude to in-universe DC brands.

Like any meal kit, some of the items in the Mother Box will be preprepared; others, like the hamburger and fish courses, will need to be cooked at home. Vegetarian options are also available.

Wonderland says that the Snyder Cut box is intended to just be the start of its immersive boxed meal partnership with Warner Bros., with the company promising that “further boxed dining experiences are planned for 2021 featuring more of the most popular and beloved Warner Bros. franchises.” Given the studio’s plans to release all of its theatrical films day-and-date on HBO Max, it’s possible that the Wonderland could be planning future boxes to tie into those titles much like it is for the Snyder Cut.