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Listen to the sick Mac sound effect song that Apple opened its keynote with

Listen to the sick Mac sound effect song that Apple opened its keynote with


Start Up, by A. G. Cook

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Apple kicked off its MacBook Pro keynote a little differently today: with a sweet remix of classic Apple sound effects from the past 45 years of the company’s history, created by artist A. G. Cook — using Apple’s Pro Display XDR, MacBook Pro, and Logic Pro, of course. 

The song itself is called “Start Up” and is a surprisingly chill listening experience. The video’s fun, too, featuring a wide array of Apple hardware from throughout the years, including old iBooks and the sadly defunct iPod Hi-Fi. 

The full list of sound effects trend toward Apple’s more recent hardware, of course, but there are a few classic Easter eggs, too. The full list of sound effects, provided by Apple, is below:

  • iMac G3 startup
  • MacBook Pro startup
  • AirPods case closing
  •  iOS alert
  • HomePod minimum volume
  • iPod click wheel
  • Note alert
  • Email whoosh
  • MagSafe charger
  • Night Owl ringtone
  • HomePod Nope
  • HomePod PingPong
  • Mac 2020 alert
  • Empty trash
  • Message sent
  • Message received
  • HomePod device identify
  • iPhone keyboard
  • AirDrop invite
  • Mac Sosumi
  • Apple Pay

It’s fitting that Cook (no relation to Apple’s CEO) would produce today’s Apple remix, given that he released his second album, Apple (no relation to the multitrillion-dollar tech company) in 2020. It’s not clear whether Apple and Cook will release “Start Up” on Apple Music — which, admittedly, would make a lot of sense — but you can enjoy Cook’s chill tech-inspired beats here.