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Twitter is up, Facebook is down, and Jack Dorsey is laughing

Twitter is up, Facebook is down, and Jack Dorsey is laughing


Kicking another social network while it’s down

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Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appears to be getting just as much schadenfreude out of today’s global Facebook outage as anyone. The microblogging chief is tweeting through Facebook’s DNS issues by dunking on the company amid its latest round of scrutiny from The Wall Street Journal, 60 Minutes, and lawmakers.

WhatsApp trying to be cute on Twitter? Dorsey is there to remind you of the drama over WhatsApp’s privacy policy.

Twitter users suggesting Facebook’s domain name is somehow for sale? Dorsey wants a piece of the action — and to push Kanye West’s new album for some reason (to be clear, it does not appear that Facebook’s domain name is actually for sale, and Dorsey almost certainly knows this as well).

And honestly? I can’t blame him. For as hellish as I imagine fixing this issue is for the engineers at Facebook and anyone who relies on the company’s products for work, there is something undeniably delightful about spending a few hours without some of the biggest social networks in the world. It’s almost peaceful.

(Dorsey does seem to like dunking on his company’s biggest rival; he brought the snark for Facebook’s rebrand and the company’s so far disastrous first steps into cryptocurrency.)

However, even though it’s been some time since we’ve seen its fail whale, the next time Twitter suffers an outage (it’s been known to happen), Dorsey shouldn’t expect any sympathy from his rivals.