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Halo Infinite turned Craig into a rock star

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Somebody once told me the world was gonna roast me

One day you’re just another Brute on the Halo ring minding your own business, and the next you’re a rock star. That’s Craig, Halo Infinite’s infamous Brute that appeared in the notorious trailer last year. He might have originally represented the poor quality of graphics in the original Halo Infinite trailer, but now he has been memorialized as a rock star inside the game in an Easter egg.

The Craig shrine can be discovered on top of a giant tower in the fourth campaign mission in Halo Infinite. It includes a greatest hits album and a tour poster with dates for when Craig is holding a Zeta Halo tour. Songs include classics like “The Day You Become a Meme, I Got Tears Last Summer” and “I Smile Inside.”

Craig’s greatest hits album.

The Brutes inside Halo Infinite (like Craig) have had a glow-up since we last saw them, and the graphical improvements leave just the memory of Craig in players’ minds. 343 Industries has promised Craig Easter eggs, so there could be even more to discover throughout the campaign.

Mint Blitz, a YouTuber who is so good at Halo I’m convinced his arms are autonomous, discovered the hidden Easter egg during the campaign missions. You’ll need to upgrade your Grappleshot, an awesome new ability in Halo Infinite, to the 40 percent cooldown reduction in order to get to the top of the tower. Once you’re there, you can pick up a collectible skull and check out Craig’s wonderful rock star shrine.