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    Adidas’ new kicks can be customized with Lego bricks

    Adidas’ new kicks can be customized with Lego bricks


    Some assembly required

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    Adidas has a new version of its Ultraboost DNA running shoes with a unique twist — the company’s iconic three-stripe logo is now made of real plastic Lego bricks, allowing for a pair of more customizable kicks.

    Officially known as the Adidas Ultraboost DNA X Lego Plates shoes, the new $200 brick sneakers feature transparent plastic slots on the side in the shape of flat two-by-six Lego plates: enough to fit three two-by-two Lego plates in each stripe.

    The shoes also feature a few other Lego homages, including a Lego logo on the tongue and brick-style detailing on the top and sole of the shoes. The interior lining is also done up in a bright Lego yellow.

    And while the shoes do come with a collection of bricks in primary colors, there’s presumably nothing stopping you from swapping in your own bricks in more interesting colors for an even more customized look.

    The whole thing is actually vaguely reminiscent of Crocs — specifically, the Jibbitz charms that slot in to let owners put a unique style on their rubberized shoes. The main difference here being that Lego bricks are a bit more common, and the Ultraboost shoes a bit more fashionable.

    The Adidas Ultraboost DNA X Lego Plates are set to go on sale on Thursday, April 8th at 10AM ET through the Adidas website for $200.