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Music Widget brings back the original Mac OS X iTunes widget

Music Widget brings back the original Mac OS X iTunes widget


Party like it’s 2005

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Way back in 2005, Apple released Mac OS X Tiger, and with it, the original implementation of widgets on the Mac through its Dashboard software. One of those widgets was a now-defunct iTunes media player — but thanks to the efforts of programmer Mario Guzman, who’s recreated an exact replica of the widget for modern Macs, you can once again enjoy your music in retro OS X style.

Ironically, the new Music Widget isn’t actually a widget (at least, not in the current style of widgets introduced in last year’s macOS Big Sur,) but rather a standalone app that mimics the look of the original iTunes widget from 2005. The app is fully functional, offering the same controls as the original. Music Widget only works with the Apple Music app, though— Spotify (or other music apps) won’t work with the widget.

Guzman’s replica also draws most of the artwork and UI elements directly in code, instead of using images, so you’re not stuck with 2005-era visuals on the widget when running on a pixel-dense Retina display.

It’s not the only retro-style music player to pop up recently, either: software developer Tanner Villarete created a stylistically similar web app that offers an iPod Classic interface for listening to your Spotify or Apple Music library earlier this month.

Right now, Music Widget is still in beta, and can be downloaded for free from Guzman’s website.