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Ladies and gentlemen, a leather case for your MagSafe puck

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What if MagSafe, but covered in leather?
Image: Nomad

I’m not going to pretend to understand how product development meetings work, but there must have been something pretty special in the water when Nomad’s crack team of accessory specialists put together its latest pitch. From the company that was brave enough to encase your AirPods Pro case in leather, comes an all-new leather MagSafe case. That’s right, it’s a leather case for the iPhone 12’s magnetic charging puck.

Nomad’s argument is that the case, which is available in either black or brown, gives a MagSafe charger “a classic, yet bold new look,” and that it makes the charger slightly bigger and easier to grip to remove from a phone. But it also costs $25.

Nomad’s expanded leather universe.
Image: Nomad

As a tech blogger, I consider it my duty to maintain a base level of open-mindedness about new technology. But I also reserve the right in exceptional circumstances to point out when something seems just plain silly, and encasing a charging puck in leather is one of those moments. I can get behind the idea of a leather case for anything you’re going to be carrying around in your pockets to protect it from the stresses of everyday life, but a charger? A charger that you’re almost certainly going to leave plugged in next to your bed for 99 percent of its life? Please.

If you’re already a fully paid-up member of Nomad’s expanded leather universe, and you’ve already got a leather case for your MacBook, your iPhone, your AirPods, and your AirTags, then sure, why not also cocoon your MagSafe charger in leather for the hell of it. Maybe try following our exhaustive guide to getting a nice patina on your leather accessories while you’re at it. You’ve earned it.