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Razer made gamer thimbles

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Your fingers are full of untapped potential. Unleash them

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razer gaming finger sleeves
The most 2021 gaming apparel yet

What makes a gamer? I’ll tell you. It’s having the right attitude, the skills to dominate, and of course, the right tech. You won’t get ahead without the best, well, you name it.

Razer has already produced gaming monitors, headsets, mice, keyboards, toasters, Chroma-enabled mug holders, chairs, controllers, plush animals, clothing, laptops, desktops, headphones, glasses that are also headphones, and truthfully, a lot more. If you’re still not getting the results you’ve worked for? Don’t worry, the company somehow still isn’t at a loss as to what to put out next to maximize your potential.

razer gaming finger sleeves
Pros know that this is elite form

The latest essential gamer gear is hardcore thimbles that cost $9.99, with two included with each purchase. They’re called “Gaming Finger Sleeves” and Razer says they’re made of “smooth, high-sensitivity fabric.” Keep in mind that people may see you using these bad boys if you’re in public.

As you might have hoped, they’re made to be lightweight and breathable. It’s a gamer’s nightmare to get hot fingers during intense gameplay, so it’s good that Razer thought of that.

But why stop at fingers? If you’re a real gamer, you’ll cover your toes, too. Getting all of your digits covered in gaming sleeves will only cost you $50. And don’t worry, they’re washable.