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Living the full Cyberpunk 2077 lifestyle will cost you over $2,000 and your dignity

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How much do you love Cyberpunk 2077?

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Cyberpunk 2077 CD Projekt Red

We are eight days away from the release of Cyberpunk 2077, but with all of the brand tie-ins for the upcoming role-playing game, you could mistakenly think it was already out. Throughout the year, developer CD Projekt Red has teamed up with multiple companies to create a slew of cyberpunk-themed items from gaming mice to game controllers and, yes, even energy drinks. On top of that there is a whole world of unofficial tie-ins that you can also show off your fandom with.

Cyberpunk 2077

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CD Projekt Red’s much-anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 released in fall 2020. Following a disastrous launch, the team has updated the game several times to improve performance and fix bugs. Recently, patch 1.5 added content and updated the game for improved performance on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

The target audience: people who love both the color yellow and dystopian motifs so much that they’d be willing to look at them, wear them, and even drink them at all times. The good news for Cyberpunk 2077 fans is there are plenty of ways to show off your fandom, from the official CDPR “samurai” varsity jacket to the profoundly hideous Cyberpunk-themed Secretlab Omega gaming chair. The bad news is it’s all inexplicably expensive — and, oh yeah, a bit hideous.

A lot of these collaborations are very on-brand, I must say. They all have a futuristic vibe that could appeal to the right kind of fan steeped in Blade Runner vibes and synthwave aesthetics — although I personally find all this stuff quite ugly. But it’s certainly not beyond the pale when it comes to video game marketing, and I’m sure there are plenty of people out there excited enough for Cyberpunk 2077 to come out (after multiple delays) that they want to go all in on celebrating the launch.

So I found all of the Cyberpunk brand tie-ins I could because I was curious to know how much it would cost to be a true cyberpunk. In short, it will cost a pretty penny — especially considering most of this stuff is either out of stock, discontinued entirely, or limited units were made. (I am looking at you, Cyberpunk 2077 limited-edition Xbox One X bundle.) Either way, here are a few brand tie-ins if you want to show your love for Cyberpunk 2077.

OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk Edition ($849)

Image: OnePlus (via Weibo)

One of the more expensive brand tie-ins, the OnePlus 8T is a good phone with a 120Hz screen and surprisingly fast charging. The entire Cyberpunk 2077 theme is neat, and there is a subtle touch of striking yellow accents that make the design look interesting.

SecretLab Titan gaming chair — Cyberpunk 2077 ($489)

I think the chair would have been much cooler if the design on the back was on the front.
Image: SecretLab

SecretLab chairs are pretty comfy (but very expensive). Still, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Though, to be honest, I think the majority yellow design makes this chair a bit off-putting and can really stick out like a sore thumb.

Limited edition Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One ($400)

It’s not the worst limited edition console design I’ve seen. I mean, at least it’s not just a big yellow block.
Image: Xbox

This is actually one of the cooler limited edition Cyberpunk 2077 items. At the time it was produced, there were 45,000 units, so this is certainly a rare find for its initial retail price. But that includes glow-in-the-dark accents, laser etching, and custom panels.

Razer Viper Ultimate with Charging Dock — Cyberpunk 2077 Edition ($160)

The entire design is a huge no for me. Image: Razer

Honestly, in the right context, you could tell me this was a car featured in Cyberpunk 2077, and I probably would believe you. To be fair, the Razer Viper Ultimate is a good gaming mouse with an ambidextrous design.

Razer Gigantus V2 XXL mousepad/phone case ($40 - $50)

Well these are interesting to the say the least.
Image: Razer

Oh, and let’s not forget the mouse pad. Yes, you can also buy a Razer mouse pad with a matching phone case for Apple and Samsung phones. This XXL mousepad will look very nice if you’re committed to the whole Cyberpunk 2077 aesthetic on your PC gaming desk. For $40, you can get this obnoxious yellow mouse pad with the game’s logo printed in the center or the classier samurai skull over a black background. (I vote for the latter.)

I am not sure why there are phone cases. Okay, jokes aside: I kind of like the phone cases.

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Cyberpunk 2077 Netrunner Edition ($110)

Image: SteelSeries

If you’re going to deck out your entire PC gaming setup with Cyberpunk 2077 as the main theme, you’ll need to buy a reliable gaming headset. This headset would also work with a PS4, Switch, or Android but would also pair nicely with the Razer Viper gaming mouse I mentioned earlier.

Also, I would show you a Cyberpunk 2077 gaming keyboard. Unfortunately, the only thing I could find that existed in the similar realm of these other brand tie-ins was a Whirlwind FX mechanical keyboard, and it was only a giveaway.

Samurai Varsity jacket ($58)

Image: CD Projekt Red

I like varsity jackets. (I was a two-sport athlete in high school and a former division 1 athlete, thanks for asking.) Aside from being good winter jackets, they are also very expensive. Also, why is there (usually) only one letter on them? Well, now you can buy this Cyberpunk 2077-themed jacket, which has seven (count them) letters printed plus a cool samurai skull on the back.

Cyberpunk 2077 Backpack ($112)

I am very surprised this is not a banana yellow backpack.
Image: CD Projekt Red

Keeping with the “back to school” vibe, here’s a $112 backpack that also has Cyberpunk 2077. Looks like a very spacious backpack; wonder how many Cyberpunk 2077 gaming mice could I put in here?

Cyberpunk 2077 Face Mask ($13)

Yes, you can even show your Cyberpunk 2077 love through a face mask.
Image: Amazon

If you can, stay inside as much as possible. But if you do decide to go outside, remember to wear your face mask. If you really want people to know you like Cyberpunk 2077, here’s a $13 cover you can wear on your face while you do.

Twelve cans of Rockstar Energy ($13)

Gamer fuel for your trip to Night City.
Image: Rockstar

Certain Rockstar Energy drink cans have Cyberpunk 2077 printed, and if you go to the Rockstar Energy drink website to enter the code on your can, you can use it to unlock digital rewards and entries for other prizes like Cyberpunk 2077 swag, or if you’re really lucky a 1970 Custom Mustang. To increase your chances of winning, just get yourself a 12-pack.

Of course, there’s other Cyberpunk 2077-themed merch you could add, too, but we’ve already got the essentials — and if we tally up how much all this would cost, it would set you back roughly $2,294. That’s a lot of money — but hey, if you like Cyberpunk 2077 that much, who am I to judge?