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Today I Learned

Just because it's not news, period, doesn't mean it's not news to *you*. Like the famous subreddit, our Today I Learned tag is dedicated to the stories that surprised one or more Verge editors despite being old news. If you appreciate them, give our authors a shout!

Today I learned about the Shazam Chrome extension

Today I learned about the attempts to make goldfish mech suits

Today I learned that the Death Star is the size of the Olympic Peninsula

Today I learned double-pressing Ctrl can become a powerful Windows 11 shortcut for finding your mouse

Don’t buy a monitor or TV just for HDMI 2.1 — read the fine print or you might get fooled

Today I learned you can surf YouTube on old Chromecasts with a hidden phone remote

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Why a toaster from 1949 is still smarter than any sold today

They really don’t make ‘em like they used to

Today I learned about the band making a giant marble-based instrument

Hans Zimmer isn’t the only composer that can make tech sounds, you know

Today I learned that card grading companies are drowning in Pokémon cards

Today I learned BMW charges extra for a ‘don’t blind other people’ software update

Pi Day is here and Google’s calculator will test how well you know the mathematical constant

How to run a battery life report on your Windows laptop

Today I learned how the Daft Punk robot helmets were created

Today I learned you can turn off Reddit’s obnoxious app install pop-up with a simple checkbox

Today I learned bats are trendsetters in tracking tech