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Takashi Miike’s crime thriller First Love is a wild ride

The Indonesian superhero film Gundala is out to launch a vast cinematic universe

Rian Johnson’s Knives Out breaks the mystery genre, then rebuilds it

The writer-director of Brick and The Last Jedi understands genre conventions, but he just finds them funny

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Freaks is a thrilling science fiction film worth knowing nothing about

Taika Waititi’s Hitler comedy Jojo Rabbit needs way more Hitler

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Outlaw King is a purposeful but empty bid for Netflix’s filmmaking legitimacy

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The new Halloween is a slasher movie with an actual message

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First Man is one of the most intense space movies of all time

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Netflix’s Hold the Dark throws Jeffrey Wright to the wolves

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Destroyer is a guilt-ridden detective story made by one incredible director

Lessons from TIFF on the next year in film

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TIFF 2018: reviews and reports from the Toronto International Film Festival

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A Star is Born proves some Hollywood stories are timeless for a reason

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The Predator could have been the franchise’s chance to finally have an identity

Netflix’s John Woo movie Manhunt plays like a joyous parody of his action classics

I Kill Giants preserves its source comic’s emotion and mystery

The Verge’s TIFF 2017 Awards

What binge-watching bloody movies at TIFF taught us about the modern horror genre

Mary Shelley is a gothic romance that can’t be raised from the dead

Downsizing takes the dullest path through a brilliant premise

The Disaster Artist is so good, it actually makes me want to rewatch The Room

Louis C.K. made a secret 35mm movie, and it’s coming to the Toronto Film Festival

TIFF is putting $3 million toward fighting Hollywood’s horrendous sexism problem

Moonlight is a beautifully nuanced gay coming-of-age tale

A Monster Calls is so good you won't care that you're crying

La La Land is a gloriously earnest Singin' in the Rain for the 21st Century

Arrival is a soulful sci-fi instant classic

In Loving, Jeff Nichols' version of history is as quiet as the real thing

With Netflix's film Mascots, Christopher Guest trades in raucous humor for bland sincerity

The Birth Of A Nation is a familiar but necessary awards-bait historical spectacle

Andrea Arnold on the cross-country party that produced American Honey

La La Land starts its journey to Oscar dominance with TIFF's People's Choice Award