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Our favorite films of TIFF 2016

Deepwater Horizon review: watching bad spills happen to good people

The writer and director of Blair Witch explain what killed the original found footage series

American Honey is an immersive, hard-partying ride across the American heartland

The director of Studio Ghibli's The Red Turtle went deep into the origins of the film at TIFF

How an award-winning documentarian unearthed a damning new case against John McAfee

TIFF Day 6: Black Mirror, La La Land, and the inevitability of unfair comparisons

A Monster Calls director J.A. Bayona says all his films are about growing up

Blair Witch is a reminder of all the scares you've loved before

TIFF Day 5: Sadako vs. Kayako vs. Blair Witch — the horror sequel double feature

TIFF Days 3 and 4: bad people making bad decisions, in (sometimes) bad movies

New Showtime doc accuses John McAfee of rape and involvement in two murders

Oliver Stone’s Snowden plays it safe (and dumb)

How the directors of Netflix's Amanda Knox uncovered the humanity behind the headline

Nate Parker answers the question 'How does Birth of a Nation relate to Black Lives Matter?'

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TIFF 2016: the best, boldest, and most awards-ready new films