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Toyota says it’s investing $13.6B in car batteries over the next decade

Toyota pauses self-driving ‘e-Palette’ service after one crashed into an Olympic athlete

Toyota to reduce production in Japan and North America due to chip shortage

Toyota is quietly pushing Congress to slow the shift to electric vehicles

The company was an early adopter of electrified vehicles but has since fallen behind

The autonomous vehicle world is shrinking — it’s overdue

‘The AV industry has promised too much for too long, and has delivered too little’

Toyota is buying Lyft’s autonomous car division for $550 million

Toyota finally gets off its ass and announces a real electric vehicle strategy

The LF-Z concept shows just how far Lexus has to go in EVs

Honda plans to sell two electric SUVs in the US in the 2024 model year

Toyota teases an electric car reveal on March 17th

Toyota teams up with Aurora and Denso on robotaxi development

Toyota’s robot butler prototype hangs from the ceiling like a bat

Toyota steers $400 million to self-driving startup

Toyota makes a big bet on secretive flying taxi startup Joby Aviation

Toyota will transform a 175-acre site in Japan into a ‘prototype city of the future’

Toyota will offer robot taxi rides during the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo

Toyota going all-out with electric vehicles for the 2020 Olympics

Toyota opens up 24,000 hybrid car patents to other automakers

Toyota finally caves and announces cars with Android Auto compatibility

Toyota’s self-driving cars can now fit more junk in their trunks

Toyota reportedly ready to put Android Auto in its cars

Toyota recalls a million Prius vehicles citing a fire risk

Toyota will invest $500 million in Uber in deal to put self-driving cars on the road

George Hotz is on a hacker crusade against the ‘scam’ of self-driving cars

Toyota will test self-driving car ‘edge cases’ at new proving ground in Michigan

The new Toyota Corolla will have Apple CarPlay and Amazon’s Alexa

Toyota halts its self-driving car testing in wake of Uber crash

The Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept is a big, pretty consolation prize

Geneva Motor Show will be Europe’s chance to show off its Tesla killers

Toyota starts a new $2.8 billion company to develop self-driving software

Google say pets are driving car searches

Apple’s CarPlay is finally coming to Toyota and Lexus vehicles