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Whether you're actually a kid or just a kid at heart, there's never been a better time to love amazing toys like the ones we cover at The Verge. Big toymakers are capitalizing on adults' disposable income and a recent wave of nostalgia for the '80s — the heyday of toys — like never before. Meanwhile, crowdfunding and 3D printers are letting tiny startups get in on the action as well.

These Canon cameras are secretly Robots in Disguise

Lego’s new Minifigure Factory lets you create a $12 minifig of yourself

Nerf’s first gel blaster is coming this November with 10,000 rounds

Iconic Atari 2600 console gets the Lego treatment for company’s 50th anniversary

Lego is releasing an incredible set based on The Office

Hasbro will put your face on a Power Ranger (or Black Panther or Spider-Man) for $60

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The best stock Nerf blasters ever made are half-off for Prime Day

PSA: Lego is raising prices, and these 40 sets cost up to $70 more if you wait

Bungie is charging $284 just to ship your $185 Nerf Gjallarhorn to Canada

Nerf’s Gjallarhorn rocket launcher from Destiny is truly gigantic — preorders are now open

Super Bowser now has his own 2,807-piece Lego Mario set

Lego’s original spaceship, the Galaxy Explorer, is back and better than ever

The 1979 classic returns with retractable landing gear

Lego’s new $400 Lion Knights’ Castle is a love letter to my childhood

For $500, you can buy the Third Sister’s 6.5-foot double-bladed lightsaber

Lego’s next batch of official unofficial sets go on sale May 17th, and you’ll want to be quick

Lego built a $170 Transformers Optimus Prime that actually transforms

The Fisher-Price baby’s first gamepad has just been modded to play Elden Ring

Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’ won’t be in the Barbie movie

Here is Lego’s ultimate version of Luke Skywalker’s X-34 Star Wars Landspeeder

This video teaches you how to build a retro flip-walker toy out of LEGO

The $750 self-transforming Optimus Prime just got a $750 transforming trailer too

Going the extra mile

Lego’s new Back to the Future set finally does the DeLorean right

Princess Peach is the latest Mario character to get their own interactive Lego sets

Lego’s latest video game collaboration is a fantastic looking Horizon Forbidden West set

Lego’s official Sonic the Hedgehog set recreates picture-perfect Green Hill Zone

Destiny brings back Gjallarhorn, immediately Nerfs it

Tesla announces all-electric $1,900 Cyberquad for kids

The best official Nerf blaster ever made is half off for Cyber Monday