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Mass Transit

London Luton Airport suspended flights after its runway buckled due to the UK heat

Biden administration launches $1 billion effort to correct racist highway designs of the past

Boring Company receives approval for expanding its tunnels to downtown Las Vegas

Boring Company raises additional $675 million as investors chuck money into holes in the ground

Uber, Amtrak, airlines drop mask requirements after judge strikes down rule

Judge says masks can’t be required on planes and trains

Mask mandate for air travel and public transportation is extended again

Biden administration extends mask mandate for airplanes and public transportation

Elon Musk’s Boring Company gets green light for Las Vegas tunnel system

Refusing to wear a mask on an airplane could now cost you up to $3,000 in fines

The Boring Company tests its ‘Teslas in Tunnels’ system in Las Vegas

Android phones can finally tap to pay for public transit in the SF Bay Area

Secretary Pete Buttigieg on the future of transportation

‘This is a major, major investment in setting America on the right path for the years ahead’

Silicon Valley’s Clipper all-in-one transit card finally adds Apple Pay

Uber is licensing its ride-hailing software to three more public transit agencies

Take a ride on this man’s model train set

Google Maps will now let you pay for public transportation and parking through its app

If Whoopi Goldberg tells you to wear a mask on the subway, you wear it

Miami mayor says Elon Musk will tunnel under the city for just $30 million

The people wanted Lego bike lanes, and Lego is finally listening

The quest to get one of the most popular toymakers in the world to make a little space for bicycles

Biden orders masks to be worn on airplanes, trains, and public transportation

Uber is bringing its EV and public transit features to more cities

How to keep the bike boom from fizzling out

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Where to sit on the school bus just got a lot more complicated

The MTA’s got porn in its Google search results

Uber will acquire public transportation software company Routematch

Elon Musk has two Las Vegas casinos asking for Boring Company tunnels

Full rollout for contactless payments in NYC subways delayed until December

Here’s how NYC is using powerful UV light to kill the coronavirus on subways and buses

Miss the sounds of NYC’s subway? Check out this app

The MTA developed an app to help essential workers get around during nightly subway closures

NYC will use powerful ultraviolet lamps to kill the coronavirus on subways and buses