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Everyone needs to get around. How we do it will change more over the next decade than it has in the last century. Verge Transportation shows how legacy automakers are scrambling to become technology-savvy companies and how the tech industry is trying to cash in on the change. We call out the new players that are disrupting the industry and those that stumble. We look at how self-driving hardware and software make the automobile better or, in some cases, deeply flawed. We cut through the hype and empty promises to tell you what's really happening and what we think is coming. Verge Transportation cares about all moving machines and the place they have in the future.

GM is creating an online used car marketplace

California is ‘revisiting’ Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta in light of ‘dangerous’ videos

Nuro’s new delivery robot will include external airbags for pedestrians

Lime launches its new electric bikes in Washington, DC as part of $50 million blitz

California budget aims to clear up port congestion and pollution

California’s governor proposes cleaning up ports amidst air pollution crisis

Peer-to-peer car-sharing service Turo files to go public

What comes after the smartphone, with Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon

Cristiano Amon is optimistic about everything

Super Pumped gets a new, longer teaser with more Uber shenanigans

Uber is the latest popular app to bail on the Apple Watch

GM finally bends the knee to California’s authority to set vehicle pollution rules

Autonomous Cars

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Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ beta has an ‘assertive’ driving mode that ‘may perform rolling stops’

Older Honda and Acura models hit by Y2K22 bug that resets clocks 20 years in the past

Ford doesn’t want the F-150 Lightning’s launch to be plagued by scalpers

Elon Musk says Tesla is raising the price of its ‘full self driving’ software to $12k

Ford’s e-scooter company is pulling out of any city that doesn’t limit competition

GM says Qualcomm’s computer chips will power its next-gen ‘hands-free’ driving mode

VW sets a date for the reveal of its production-ready electric Microbus

March 9th

BMW shows off huge 31-inch in-car screen to keep backseat passengers entertained

Pete Buttigieg is racing to keep up with self-driving cars

The US secretary of transportation wants to talk about innovation, infrastructure, and electric vehicles — and a little about Tesla

Walmart is expanding its direct-to-your-refrigerator deliveries


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BMW debuts its new color-changing paint technology at CES: E Ink

Volvo confident it can get its ‘unsupervised’ highway driving mode approved in California

The Motorola MA1 is a dongle for wireless Android Auto

Some Volvos will get a YouTube app and Google Assistant-controlled AC

Walmart and FedEx ordering thousands of electric delivery vans from GM’s BrightDrop

General Motors claims it will sell autonomous vehicles to consumers by ‘middle of decade’

General Motors announces electric versions of the Chevy Equinox and Blazer SUVs

Cadillac’s autonomous future looks too rich for my blood

Chevy Silverado EV revealed: GM’s best-selling truck goes electric

664 horsepower and 780 pound-feet of torque

Amazon makes a deal with Stellantis to buy electric Ram ProMaster delivery vans in 2023

Chrysler previews its all-electric future with Airflow concept SUV

Sony pivots into cars with Sony Mobility and a Vision-S SUV prototype at CES 2022

Chip shortages cost GM the US vehicle sales crown it’s held since 1931

BMW’s iX M60 is a dual-motor performance EV with 280 miles of range

Hyundai imagines a world in which it has turned everything into a robot

John Deere’s self-driving tractor lets farmers leave the cab — and the field

Qualcomm is expanding its automotive platforms with new Volvo, Honda, Renault deals