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Cars are the technology of the future. In Verge Transportation, we bring you new car reviews, auto show insights, and news from the race toward self-driving, autonomous electric vehicles between companies like Uber and Tesla.

Canadian transit agency teases amazing new transportation technology: the bus

Tesla’s Model 3 was the best-selling EV in the world last year

While the world goes electric, some Germans desperately fight for their diesel

Discovery of cameras built into airlines’ seats sparks privacy concerns

BMW and Daimler will spend over $1 billion on the future of transportation

Reach Now, Share Now, Park Now, Free Now, and Charge Now

Lucid Motors is working on an electric SUV that may debut this year

Consumer Reports reverses itself again, no longer recommends Tesla Model 3

Lyft’s new ‘most affordable ride’ involves a lot of extra waiting and walking

Apple’s secretive self-driving car project is starting to come into focus

Transit app Citymapper wants to simplify public transport with a weekly subscription

Autonomous Cars

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Citroën’s tiny EV concept will be the ugly duckling at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show

Audi’s traffic light sensor gives you the power to catch as many green lights as possible

Uber and GM Cruise are making their respective AV ‘visualization’ tools open source

Nissan concept uses recycled Leaf batteries to power camping trips

Uber sues to overturn New York City’s cap on new ride-hail drivers

Tesla’s latest challenge is finding new customers for the Model 3

Amazon invests in startup building electric pickup trucks and SUVs

Rivian lands

General Motors starts taking orders for its first e-bike

Tesla’s new Dog and Sentry modes take care even when you don’t

Ford made a conveyor belt mattress to keep bed hoggers in their own lane


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California’s self-driving car reports are imperfect, but they’re better than nothing

Electric scooters popular with ride-sharing services can be hacked to suddenly accelerate or brake

Robot delivery startup Nuro raises nearly $1 billion from SoftBank

Extreme weather is sucking the life from your electric car

DoorDash and Amazon Flex will keep their tipping policies, despite Instacart outcry

Autopilot is disabled on Tesla’s first Model 3 deliveries in Europe

Sandwich chain Jimmy John’s is revolting against Uber Eats and other food delivery apps

Toyota finally caves and announces cars with Android Auto compatibility

Amazon invests in self-driving car startup run by former Google and Tesla executives

Amazon moves further into auto

Another self-driving car startup is starting small, and that’s a good thing

Tesla makes its first Model 3 deliveries in Europe

How a new satellite constellation could allow us to track planes all over the globe

Instacart revises controversial pay policy after accusations of tip stealing

Tesla’s Model 3 pricing inches closer to $35,000 target

Tesla opens Amazon store that sells company-branded merch

Traffic deaths rose, then fell, after three states legalized marijuana

Honda covered a lawn mower, power generator, and some cars in gold