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Everyone needs to get around. How we do it will change more over the next decade than it has in the last century. Verge Transportation shows how legacy automakers are scrambling to become technology-savvy companies and how the tech industry is trying to cash in on the change. We call out the new players that are disrupting the industry and those that stumble. We look at how self-driving hardware and software make the automobile better or, in some cases, deeply flawed. We cut through the hype and empty promises to tell you what's really happening and what we think is coming. Verge Transportation cares about all moving machines and the place they have in the future.

Waymo’s self-driving trucks will deliver home goods for Wayfair

VW sells minority stake in Electrify America to Siemens

Elon Musk now has over 100 million Twitter followers

Uber drivers are liking the Teslas

Tesla reportedly doesn’t have enough desks after Musk threatens to fire remote employees

Some employees were asked to go back home anyway

EcoFlow’s turnkey off-grid power system just needs sun

VW’s ID Aero concept distinguishes itself by not being an SUV or truck

Starlink RV review: the dawn of space internet to go

Stay connected while unplugging

Elon Musk’s Twitter chaos reaches SpaceX

Cadillac’s ‘ultra-luxury’ Celestiq EV will reportedly cost around $300,000

Autonomous Cars

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Polestar goes public amid uncertainty around EV stocks

Toyota bZ4X electric SUV review: mediocre at best

Cruise is now charging for rides in its driverless vehicles in San Francisco

Toyota recalls bZ4X electric SUVs over wheel that could detach while driving

General Motors is using AI to speed up the vehicle inspection process

Polestar now supports Apple CarPlay after an over-the-air software update

Volvo’s commercial truck group is testing out hydrogen fuel cell semis

Vapor in the air

Toyota will recycle electric vehicle batteries with Tesla co-founder’s project

Tesla accused of violating federal law over ‘mass layoffs’ at Gigafactory

Take a leisurely drive through automotive history in Ford’s newly digitized archive


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How Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius is refocusing for an electric future

Big plans to go all-electric by 2030

UberX Share brings carpooling back to NYC, LA, Chicago, and six other cities

SpaceX firings likely violate US labor law, experts say

FAA says Verizon and AT&T will soon be able to use the good 5G