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Cars are the technology of the future. In Verge Transportation, we bring you new car reviews, auto show insights, and news from the race toward self-driving, autonomous electric vehicles between companies like Uber and Tesla.

Elon Musk says Tesla has a ‘good chance’ of record deliveries this quarter

Google Assistant can now tell you when your next NYC subway train will arrive

Las Vegas approves a $48.6 million contract with Elon Musk’s Boring Company

Citi Bikes can now be rented through the Lyft app

DJI will add airplane and helicopter detectors to new drones in 2020

An attempt to cut down on crashes

London Underground to start tracking all phones using Wi-Fi starting in July

Ford’s vision for package delivery is a robot that folds up into the back of a self-driving car

GM’s new ‘digital nerve system’ will enable over-the-air software updates on all vehicles

Lyft is adding a panic button so riders can dial 911 from the app

US Postal Service will use autonomous big rigs to ship mail in new test

Autonomous Cars

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Chevy rolls out new feature that locks teens out of driving until they buckle up

GM’s car-sharing service is pulling out of eight cities, including Chicago and NYC

Ford will cut 10 percent of its salaried employees

Tesla didn’t fix an Autopilot problem for three years, and now another person is dead

Musk says Tesla will be out of money in 10 months without ‘hardcore’ changes


Cannondale Tesoro Neo X Speed review: the hooligan of e-bikes

The Air Force wants to rescue downed pilots with an autonomous aircraft

Or deliver special forces to and from the battlefield

Tesla pushes battery software update after recent fires

Tesla’s Autopilot was engaged when Model 3 crashed into truck, report states

As commercial spaceflight takes off, the aviation industry gets protective of airspace


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Electric air taxi startup Lilium completes first test of its new five-seater aircraft

An aircraft used by Blade, the ‘Uber for helicopters,’ crashed in the Hudson River

Boosted’s first electric scooter is a $1,599 vehicle built to conquer city streets

The electric skateboard company finally branches out into a new form factor

Uber is now offering a ‘quiet mode’ option for its luxury service