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Cars are the technology of the future. In Verge Transportation, we bring you new car reviews, auto show insights, and news from the race toward self-driving, autonomous electric vehicles between companies like Uber and Tesla.

Uber is bringing its self-driving cars to Washington, DC

Waymo is bringing its self-driving minivans and trucks to Texas and New Mexico

Tesla strikes deal to sell cars in Michigan


Exclusive look at Cruise’s first driverless car without a steering wheel or pedals

The Origin is the GM subsidiary’s first attempt to build an fully autonomous car from the ground up

Boeing now says the 737 Max won’t fly again until at least mid-2020

Boeing faces an uphill battle

Skip pulls back the curtain on the high costs of electric scooter maintenance

Uber tests letting California drivers set their own prices

Tesla says faulty acceleration allegation is ‘completely false’

We’re blowing it with self-driving car safety reporting, Cruise says


Riding 27 mph downhill on a Dot electric skateboard

It was as terrifying as it sounds

Autonomous Cars

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Bernie Sanders thanks popular Facebook teen meme group for endorsement

Foxconn and Fiat Chrysler will make electric cars for China

Toyota makes a big bet on secretive flying taxi startup Joby Aviation

Aston Martin won’t say whether its electric car is dead or alive

Boeing had more cancellations than orders in 2019 as 737 Max crisis deepens

Go watch this local TV news investigation about front blind spots in SUVs and trucks

Elon Musk: ‘Teslas will soon talk to people if you want. This is real’

‘Well don’t just stand there staring, hop in’

The Hummer will reportedly be resurrected as an electric pickup

Boeing employees’ frightening internal messages released in 737 Max investigation

Some NYC subway riders are accidentally getting double-charged because of Apple Pay


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Scooter startup Lime is laying off 14 percent of its workers and exiting 12 markets

Uber is making big changes to its app in California as new gig work law goes into effect


Byton’s 48-inch screen might not be as distracting as it looks

Pilotless air taxi from China’s Ehang takes flight in the US for the first time