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CarPlay and Android Auto will soon be available in Jaguar and Land Rover cars

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CarPlay in a Volkswagen

Just days after it was reported that Toyota would finally add Android Auto support in its cars, Jaguar Land Rover has announced similar plans to add CarPlay and Android Auto to its vehicles, as reported by MacRumors. A spokesperson confirmed that CarPlay and Android Auto will be available in all 2019 Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles equipped with InControl Touch Pro or Touch Pro Duo infotainment systems, as well as on older models through retroactive updates.

CarPlay and Android Auto will be available with an optional smartphone connectivity package, which will start at $280 and go up depending on the vehicle model. There’s no set date for when these features and retroactive updates will be available in the US, but rollout appears to have started in the UK.

It’s good, if not belated news, and Land Rover and Jaguar owners should be able to get a lot out of their newly equipped infotainment systems. With third-party mapping services added to Apple’s CarPlay in iOS 12, drivers now have the option to use whatever navigation app they prefer, like Google Maps.