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We may be living in a golden age of TV, but panning through all the dross to find that gold can be time-consuming and tedious. For every much-discussed hit like The Good Place, Game of Thrones, or The Handmaid’s Tale, there are dozens of new original shows that barely tip the cultural needle. And with so many new streaming services emerging to compete with HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Disney+, it’s impossible to keep up with everything new to view. But The Verge’s TV section is ready to help. Our news, reviews, and interviews help you find the next Stranger Things or Black Mirror in time to keep up with the cultural conversation. And our essays and analysis invite you to consider the deeper context for what you’re watching.

Stranger Things 4’s new monster is made with practical effects, some CG, and lots of lube

Netflix adds content warning to Stranger Things season 4 premiere after Texas school shooting

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s early episodes lean on the best of classic Star Wars

True Detective’s fourth season is going to the Arctic with Jodie Foster as the lead

PlayStation keeps pushing into TV and film with a Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix series

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Star Wars Celebration 2022: news from Disney’s big event

The Mandalorian season 3 debuts February 2023

Watch the first trailer for Andor, coming to Disney Plus in August

What to expect at Netflix’s Geeked Week

A week-long news event? I’ve seen stranger things

Another live-action Speed Racer is coming to Apple TV Plus with J.J. Abrams behind the wheel

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Stranger Things 4 cranks everything up way past eleven

Stranger Things 4 rolls the dice on demons and satanic panic

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Apple TV’s Prehistoric Planet looks so good it feels like a real nature documentary

Finally, some feathered dinos are ready for their close-up

Halo’s first season is a Flood of bold bets and tangled plot points

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The new season of Love, Death and Robots doesn’t miss

You can watch the first eight minutes of Stranger Things season 4 right now

Netflix has picked up Heartstopper for two more seasons

A new Daredevil series is reportedly coming to Disney Plus

The Umbrella Academy’s on a field trip to another reality in first season 3 trailer

Netflix is beefing up its audio description and subtitling accessibility features

Marvel Studios is licensing Stan Lee’s likeness from the company he sued before his death

Night Sky is a warm, comforting sci-fi with too much filler

Peacock’s Queer as Folk looks ripped from the headlines in first trailer

Pokémon: Hisuian Snow is everything that’s beautiful and brutal about the Hisui region

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’s first trailer looks simply smashing

Marvel’s Echo series is coming to Disney Plus in 2023

Heartstopper’s Yasmin Finney is joining Doctor Who as ‘another Rose’

The Boys’ first season 3 trailer has Homelander doing damage control

Netflix’s Geeked Week ‘22 trailer reveals even more of The Sandman’s gods and monsters

Black Mirror’s coming back for a sixth series

David Tennant and Catherine Tate to return for Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary

Apple TV Plus’ The Essex Serpent is a slow, tense drama with lots of great sweaters

In the latest Halo episode, Master Chief does the Covenant