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TV Review

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s early episodes lean on the best of classic Star Wars

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Stranger Things 4 cranks everything up way past eleven

Stranger Things 4 rolls the dice on demons and satanic panic

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Apple TV’s Prehistoric Planet looks so good it feels like a real nature documentary

Finally, some feathered dinos are ready for their close-up

Halo’s first season is a Flood of bold bets and tangled plot points

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The new season of Love, Death and Robots doesn’t miss

Night Sky is a warm, comforting sci-fi with too much filler

Black Mirror’s coming back for a sixth series

Apple TV Plus’ The Essex Serpent is a slow, tense drama with lots of great sweaters

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Amazon’s Outer Range brings the weird fiction mindset to Westerns

A show about cowboys, small town drama, and one big hole

Moon Knight ends strong by getting straight to the action

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Russian Doll levels up in season 2 by catching a new existential train of thought

The ‘M’ in MTA stands for ‘metaphysical’

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Severance’s first season is a wonderfully tense workplace horror story

Mysteries abound

Moon Knight marks the return of Marvel’s resurrection machine

Marvel’s Moon Knight waxes formulaic

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Apple TV’s Pachinko is an enthralling historical epic

The Halo show unmasks Master Chief to reveal yet another generic chosen one

Paramount Plus’ Halo show neither shocks nor awes

WeCrashed is the podcast-to-TV-show pipeline’s weirdest one yet

Super Pumped is a bumpy Uber ride that gets lost on its way to being interesting

The Fight For Uber is Super Pumped’s first chapter

The Dropout on Hulu makes an unconvincing case for Elizabeth Holmes’ humanity

Apple TV’s Severance turns office life into purgatory

The Cuphead Show is half-full of lukewarm nostalgia plays

WarnerMedia and Discovery get US government approval to create their new media giant

Bel-Air trades in The Fresh Prince’s Black joy for overwrought prestige

TCL 6-Series Google TV review: a great Mini LED TV at a good price

After a rocky beginning, TCL’s flagship Google TV is a winner

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Netflix’s All of Us Are Dead takes zombie shows to new places

The Book of Boba Fett’s first chapter has a lot of blank pages

‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ kicks off a new era for the iconic armored bounty hunter

Hawkeye’s first season is a welcome holiday surprise

A fun romp with some important MCU connections

Apple’s Invasion feels like the first chapter of a sci-fi epic

The Witcher season 2 gets a little too serious on its quest to answer some big questions

Hawkeye starts out strong because it doesn’t take itself too seriously

The least-fun Avenger gets a very fun adventure

Foundation’s first season loses itself in its century-spanning story

Amazon Fire TV Omni review: useful Alexa features, underwhelming picture

Amazon’s Wheel of Time tries a little too hard to be Game of Thrones