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TV Review

Bel-Air trades in The Fresh Prince’s Black joy for overwrought prestige

TCL 6-Series Google TV review: a great Mini LED TV at a good price

After a rocky beginning, TCL’s flagship Google TV is a winner

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Netflix’s All of Us Are Dead takes zombie shows to new places

The Book of Boba Fett’s first chapter has a lot of blank pages

‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ kicks off a new era for the iconic armored bounty hunter

Hawkeye’s first season is a welcome holiday surprise

A fun romp with some important MCU connections

Apple’s Invasion feels like the first chapter of a sci-fi epic

The Witcher season 2 gets a little too serious on its quest to answer some big questions

Hawkeye starts out strong because it doesn’t take itself too seriously

The least-fun Avenger gets a very fun adventure

Foundation’s first season loses itself in its century-spanning story

Amazon Fire TV Omni review: useful Alexa features, underwhelming picture

Amazon’s Wheel of Time tries a little too hard to be Game of Thrones

Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop has heart, style, and some rough edges

Invasion’s creepy alien reveal was worth the wait

Netflix’s Arcane is a slick and exciting intro to League of Legends

You don’t have to know Runeterra lore to have fun with the animated show

Apple’s Dr. Brain is a bold, genre-bending thriller

Apple’s latest sci-fi drama Invasion starts out too dang slow

The series debuts with three episodes and no aliens

Locke and Key’s second season is darker but loses the magic

Apple’s Foundation starts out big, lavish, and a little boring

Netflix’s Midnight Mass is more slow-burning horror from the creator of Hill House

Ted Lasso doesn’t need surprise to be good in season 2

The charming sports comedy returns in fine form

Netflix’s Masters of the Universe erases the past to chart a new future

Loki’s first season is the best of Marvel without the baggage

Netflix’s new Resident Evil show brings zombies to the White House

Xgimi Horizon Pro 4K all-in-one projector review: more for less

Loki’s first two episodes are a blast

Netflix’s Sweet Tooth makes the end of the world a little cozier

HBO’s Pause with Sam Jay turns the stuffy late-night talk show into a party

Dota: Dragon’s Blood on Netflix fails to show what makes Dota 2 special

HBO’s QAnon documentary is a megaphone for extremists — and it’s unbelievably boring

Q: Into the Storm tries to crack a fake conspiracy by seeking a real one

In its third season, American Gods is the most fascinating disaster on TV

In HBO’s Industry, true equality comes from money

Evil makes sense of a messy world

It’s the rare show about the world getting worse that doesn’t feel hopeless