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Uber’s seeing positive cash flow for the first time ever

Uber will start showing drivers how much they’ll be paid for accepting a trip

Uber doesn’t have to provide wheelchair-accessible vehicles in every city, judge rules

Uber’s posh electric car service is coming to more cities

Uber admits covering up massive 2016 data breach in settlement with US prosecutors

Uber will pay over $2 million to disabled riders after federal settlement

Uber’s former chief lobbyist in Europe is the Uber Files leaker

Uber leaks reveal how it spread ‘fucking illegal’ ride-sharing globally

Uber rides are getting safer, but the roads are deadlier than ever

Why big tech companies are so quiet on abortion rights

Waymo, Aurora, Uber, and others urge California to lift its ban on heavy-duty self-driving trucks

Uber drivers are liking the Teslas

UberX Share brings carpooling back to NYC, LA, Chicago, and six other cities

Waymo is teaming up with Uber on autonomous trucking because time really heals all wounds

Uber unveils new products for business travelers, wedding parties, and EVs

Uber CEO vows to be ‘hardcore about costs,’ slow down hiring in memo to employees

Uber and Lyft extend legal fee coverage to drivers sued under Oklahoma’s forthcoming abortion law

Uber, Amtrak, airlines drop mask requirements after judge strikes down rule

Uber’s annual product event will focus on travel, sustainability

Uber granted 30-month license to continue operating in London

Uber will feature NYC taxi cabs in its app under groundbreaking new deal

Uber is temporarily removing the ability to split fares

Instacart says it’s adding a fuel surcharge to help drivers paying high gas prices

Lyft to add temporary fuel surcharge to fares amid spike in gas prices

Your next Uber ride will have an extra fee for gas — even if it’s in an EV

Uber Eats brings bill splitting to deliveries

Uber adds new ways to buy concert tickets and book restaurants in its app

Super Pumped is a bumpy Uber ride that gets lost on its way to being interesting

The Fight For Uber is Super Pumped’s first chapter

Uber and Lyft are taking on healthcare, and drivers are just along for the ride

Uber will now let you see how many one-star ratings you got from drivers

Uber and Lyft are finally starting to look like different companies

Uber’s app will beep until you buckle your seatbelt