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China is using legions of untrained amateurs to steal US weapons

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Raytheon Phalanx weapons system
Raytheon Phalanx weapons system

China is reportedly trying to acquire the US military's latest technology, but according to Reuters, it's not using traditional methods of espionage to do so. The world's most populous nation has eschewed the use of spies and shadowy double agents, deciding instead to recruit a mass of amateurs to flood the market, an approach that has seen the number of arms trafficking cases linked to China grow by 50 percent since 2010. Reuters's report explains how the scattershot approach has stymied US attempts to halt the trafficking, who the kind of people that engage in trafficking are, and why the FBI's assistant director for counter-intelligence, Robert Anderson Jr., says China's free-for-all tactic "just exponentially opens the door for bad guys."