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Hawkeye’s trick USB arrow is in desperate need of a dongle

This graphene battery pack charges incredibly fast 

World’s first USB-C iPhone sells on eBay for $86,001

Let’s talk about the future of USB-C

Apple is ready to admit it was wrong about the future of laptops

It’s fixed the faults, but it created many of them in the first place

Hyper says its new USB-C docks can run two displays off an M1 MacBook out of the box

USB-C cables are getting new, confusing logos for faster 240W charging standard

Another month, another new USB-C branding standard

The Lightning port isn’t about convenience; it’s about control

You’re not allowed to use the Apple Watch Series 7’s secret wireless dock

Intel leak reveals Thunderbolt 5 could offer 80Gbps USB-C ports

Satechi’s iPad Pro hub will let you pretend it’s a real desktop

Oppo’s leaked tracking tag has UWB and USB-C charging

This USB-C gadget from hell brings back the worst part of USB-A

Astell & Kern’s new USB-C DAC promises hi-fi audio for phones without headphone jacks

Satechi’s latest USB-C hub supports 4K at 60Hz, and 100W pass-through

Apple not switching to USB-C iPhones in the near future, according to Ming-Chi Kuo

Apple’s 2021 MacBook Pros will reportedly bring back the SD card slot

Kensington’s SD5700T Thunderbolt 4 dock has all the ports you could need

Apple should switch the iPhone to USB-C if it really wants to help the environment

Kano’s second-generation buildable Windows 10 PC has a faster processor and USB-C

Apple promises to support Thunderbolt on its new ARM Macs

Intel’s Thunderbolt 4 standard looks to raise the bar for USB-C devices

Dell’s new USB-C hub is also a speakerphone for conference calls

Samsung’s fast T7 USB-C SSD is now available starting at $110

Microsoft’s new Surface Dock 2 is made for the USB-C era

New DisplayPort spec enables 16K video over USB-C

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 lineup is first to get USB certification for new fast charging tech

The latest USB-C chargers are apparently more powerful than Apollo 11’s computer

This Apple Watch charger plugs directly into a USB-C port so you can carry fewer cords

Amazon updates the Fire HD 10 with a faster processor and USB-C

Bowers & Wilkins’ new noise-canceling headphones are lighter than ever

LaCie’s fast portable SSD makes USB-C less confusing