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I guess this was the least worst option.

Plugable has a new MacBook adapter out that’s designed to add Gigabit Ethernet and two USB-A ports to Apple’s 2021 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros, or the 2022 MacBook Air.

The only problem is that the adapter seemingly isn’t able to offer a MagSafe port of its own, so you get this hilarious cutout instead. It’s still better than covering up the Magsafe port though.

Image: Plugable
All the Apple devices still using Lightning ports.

The USB-C iPhone is definitely coming to comply with that new EU law. But Apple still has many other Lightning devices that will have to be transitioned to USB-C (or wireless charging) before the EU law takes effect in late 2024. These include the Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, Apple Pencil gen... Here, I’ll just let Vjeran list them all out on Verge TikTok.

Screw it, the rectangles are back

In the Mac Studio, USB-A makes a triumphant return