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Is solar the solution for millions of people without access to electric light?

Can solar-powered lanterns replace dirty kerosene in the developing world?

Can a head impact sensor help save athletes' lives?

Can a small sensor help in the fight against concussions?

Recreating the natural habitat we destroyed

To restore Oregon's Sandy River, ecologists are felling the trees around it

Can cutting down trees bring fish back to Oregon’s Sandy River?

Can cutting down trees make Oregon rivers more fish friendly?

Portland biking gets some help from big data

Portland enlists big data to make biking safer

A Danish company is building a $335 million seawall around New York

This could be the new fire hydrant

Finally, a fire hydrant for the 21st century

Fire hydrants are due for an upgrade

HandUp is like Kickstarter for the homeless

Can crowdfunding help San Francisco's homeless?

Can crowdfunding solve poverty?

You've never seen a boat sail like this

Put a wing on it: how one company's smart wing could change San Francisco's ferries

Can hybrid wings help San Francisco ferries capture the wind?

Doctor turns to 3D printers in a race to save a toddler's mind

How to feed the cities of the future

Verge Detours season 2 debuts tomorrow

Detours: Season 2 - Trailer

The Verge Detours season 2 returns August 27th

The camera next door: how neighbors watch neighbors in New Orleans

Where cats glow green: weird feline science in New Orleans

The sinkhole that swallowed a swamp

Robot city: how the machines are driving Pittsburgh's future

Cleaning up one of America's most polluted cities

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Verge Detours

How Disney is helping plants find their voice