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Verge Hack Week

Highlights from Verge Hack Week 2015

The lyrical universe of Lana Del Rey, charted

See the incredible cars of Pebble Beach's multimillion-dollar auctions

What on earth does this wearable do?

The pen and paper behind Verge Hack Week 2015

We made a Twitter bot to save everyone the trouble of writing and reading TV recaps

Use this fake birthday generator the next time you sign up for Ashley Madison

The next 35 years of college football, predicted

The science of 'Drag Me Down': a roundtable on One Direction at NASA

Bones: a lexical excavation of the television show

Twenty-four hours of notifications

How to launch a Kickstarter campaign even if you don't have any ideas

Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart's road to stoner stardom, in graphs

How well do you know IBM's thirsty supercomputer, Watson?

The Yelper's guide to federal politics

Thanks to Jurassic World and Furious 7, Universal Pictures owns the 2015 box office

Live: Let's Photoshop the future together

Choose how you will die on Mars

How do tech’s biggest companies compare on diversity?

Why don't we remember Dirty Dancing as the feminist, sex-positive, pro-women's rights film it is?

How do you spell the future of Google? Take our Alphabet personality quiz

Which role-playing game should you play this year?

I wrote an awesome Hitman movie because nobody else can, apparently

How well do you know your gadget history?

A boy band is about to steal the 'Song of the Summer' VMA because MTV forgot about teens

Pop stars and tech execs are best friends forever

How '90s graphics shaped the bleak future of Deus Ex

Can you ID these busted wrist wearables?

What government secrets look like

Streaming service wars: the battle for original programming, charted

A review of every Android phone from the past, present, and future

How Elon Musk (probably) spends his vacations