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Verizon starts selling Xbox consoles as another example of 5G ‘innovation’

One America News gets dumped by Verizon, the only major carrier it had left

Verizon is rolling out faster 5G in more places, but you’ll have to guess where

JD Power study shows we’re noticing more problems with mobile networks, even with 5G

Verizon’s cheapest unlimited 5G plan has the ‘basics’ but not high-speed Ultra Wideband

Verizon is sending free 4G flip phones to customers who haven’t moved on from 3G

The best phone plans in 2022 (and how to pick one)

FAA says Verizon and AT&T will soon be able to use the good 5G

Verizon’s cheapest unlimited plan will soon include some mobile hotspot data

Hacker accesses a Verizon employee database and tries to ransom the data for $250,000

The defunct LG Wing is getting Verizon C-band because 5G in this country is silly

Verizon customers’ bills are going up starting in June for... reasons

TCL 30 V 5G review: even on a budget, you can do better

Google Assistant is not rolling out to the Galaxy Watch 4 today

The OnePlus 10 Pro now works on Verizon 5G

5G analysis shows C-band is helping Verizon, but it and AT&T still trail T-Mobile

Verizon blames ‘bad actors’ for the spam text you got from your own number

My own phone number is now spam texting me

Did you recently get a spam text... from yourself? You’re not alone

Google’s Pixel 6 and 6 Pro phones start to get the delayed March feature drop

Verizon makes Fios free for low-income customers through federal program

5G’s false start is over and the iPhone SE proves it

Apple built an iPhone without millimeter wave, and it matters

Verizon Plus Play will bundle customer subscriptions for Netflix, Peloton, Disney Plus, and more

Visible abruptly canceled accounts it says violated a promotion

Audi is bringing 5G connectivity to its vehicles in 2024

Verizon says service in Georgia has been restored

Verizon’s phone contracts are all three years now

What’s the difference between 5G, 5G Plus, 5G UW, and 5G UC?

Major airlines shrugged off 5G fiasco, but small regional carriers still face turbulence

TCL’s 30 V 5G is the cheapest way to get on Verizon’s new C-band 5G network right now

Thousands of TracFone users saw their numbers ported to other carriers without their consent

This stream has:

The battle between the FAA, AT&T, Verizon, and airlines over 5G

Verizon’s faster C-band 5G is live and off to a promising start

5G’s benefits just got a lot more real for Verizon customers