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The Vergecast will be live today at 12:00PM ET!

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Fall back! It's both rallying cry for anyone playing Halo 5 this week (of which there are a few) and also a nice reminder that it's daylight savings time this weekend, wherein Americans set their clock back an hour. We here at The Verge, the overachievers that we are, want to be symbolic of the fall back mentality, starting The Vergecast several hours early today. Fall back, we shout. (We might also say a few things about Apple TV and SXSW — and by "we," this week I mean Nilay, myself, Chris Ziegler, and Hype Seat Alumnus™ Helen Havlak.)

We'll be live at a special time today  — Noon ET. You can watch via the Livestream embed above. And if you miss the live show, you can always watch the replay (using the embed above) or download the audio version on iTunes. And speaking of iTunes, be sure to rate us five stars if you enjoyed the show. We'll do our best to make sure you do.

We have a whole network of podcasts now! You can find them all in iTunes. They include the all new Ctrl-Walt-Delete podcast with Walt Mossberg and Nilay Patel, which dives deep into tech; Verge ESP with Emily Yoshida and Liz Lopatto, which blurs the lines between science and entertainment, and What's Tech? with Christopher Thomas Plante, which explains technology in layman's terms. You might also want to check out Re/code Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher.