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Virgin Galactic

Virgin Orbit scrubs first night launch due to propellant temperature being ‘out of bounds’

Virgin Galactic plans to open ticket sales to the public for flights to edge of space

Virgin Orbit launches first satellite mission after SPAC merger

Virgin Galactic to send its first sweepstakes winner to space

Virgin Galactic sells 100 tickets to space at higher price after reopening sales

FAA clears Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo for flight after probe into July incident

FAA grounds Virgin Galactic’s core spaceship pending probe into Richard Branson’s flight

FAA investigating off-course descent of Virgin Galactic’s flight with Richard Branson

Virgin Galactic reopens ticket sales starting at $450K per seat

The space tourism industry is stuck in its billionaire phase

Elon Musk has a ticket to ride on Richard Branson’s spaceplane

Virgin Galactic successfully sends Richard Branson to the edge of space

Watch Virgin Galactic launch Richard Branson to space

Space tourism rivalry gets extremely petty ahead of Branson’s spaceflight

Richard Branson aims to fly to space before Jeff Bezos, Virgin Galactic confirms

Virgin Galactic spaceplane VSS Unity completes successful flight

Virgin’s rocket reaches orbit for the first time, deploys satellites

Virgin Galactic aborts first powered spaceflight from New Mexico spaceport

First scientist slated to fly to space on Virgin Galactic’s suborbital tourist rocket

Virgin Galactic releases renders of proposed supersonic jet that can reach Mach 3

Virgin Galactic unveils the interior cabin of its tourist spaceplane

NASA eyes flying astronauts and personnel to the edge of space on commercial rockets

Virgin Galactic will organize private passenger trips to the space station for NASA

Small satellite launcher Virgin Orbit fails to launch rocket to space during first test flight

Virgin Galactic lost $60 million in first quarter, announces new NASA partnership for supersonic tech

Small satellite launcher Virgin Orbit conducts dress rehearsal ahead of its first test flight

Virgin Orbit plans to mass-produce new medical breathing device to help fight coronavirus pandemic


When your next door neighbor is a glittering spaceport

A tiny New Mexico town has been waiting for space tourists to fly down the road

Virgin Galactic celebrates first day on the New York Stock Exchange

Virgin Galactic to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange as early as October 28th

Virgin Galactic shows off the suits its customers will wear during joyrides to space

Small satellite launcher Virgin Orbit announces plans to send tiny vehicles to Mars