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Polestar goes public amid uncertainty around EV stocks

Polestar now supports Apple CarPlay after an over-the-air software update

Volvo’s commercial truck group is testing out hydrogen fuel cell semis

Polestar’s first electric SUV will officially debut in October 2022

Polestar’s experimental EV, nicknamed ‘Beast,’ is getting a limited production run

Volvo will use Epic’s Unreal Engine to create ‘photorealistic’ graphics in its electric cars

Volvo and ChargePoint will build EV charging stations at Starbucks in 5 states

Volvo confident it can get its ‘unsupervised’ highway driving mode approved in California

Polestar teases its upcoming electric SUV, the Polestar 3, set for release in 2022

Polestar’s Precept concept becomes Polestar 5 electric sedan

Volvo announces plans to go public in bid to accelerate shift to electric cars

Electric car company Polestar is going public via SPAC

Volvo’s new electric concept car is a ‘manifesto’ for the future

Volvo won’t charge extra for its upcoming electric vehicles with lidar sensors

Volvo will provide cars for Didi’s autonomous vehicle division

Volvo and Aurora team up on fully autonomous trucks for North America

Volvo’s second electric vehicle will be the slimmed down C40 Recharge

Volvo says it will only sell electric cars by 2030

Volvo’s first EV is stuck at cargo ports waiting for a software update

Driving the XC40 Recharge, Volvo’s first electric crossover with native Android Auto

The Polestar Precept, an electric sedan powered by Android, is going into production

Driving the Polestar 2, the first electric car with a brain by Google

Volvo will use Waymo’s self-driving technology to power a fleet of electric robotaxis

Volvo bucks the industry, will sell LIDAR-equipped self-driving cars to customers by 2022

The electric Polestar 2 with native Android will start at $59,900 in the US

Polestar teases an all-electric concept sedan running Android Automotive

A closer look at the XC40 Recharge, Volvo’s first electric car

Volvo unveils its first fully electric car — and a bold pledge to go carbon-neutral

How to get Amazon packages delivered to the trunk of your car

Volvo will use in-car cameras to combat drunk and distracted driving

The Polestar 2’s secret weapon against the Tesla Model 3 is native Android Auto

Volvo is limiting its cars to a top speed of 112 mph