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Virtual Reality

Apple’s AR / VR headset could release in January, analyst predicts

Tim Cook is getting a lot less coy about Apple’s AR headset

Mark Zuckerberg has so many VR headset prototypes to show us

And none of them are shipping

Valve VR patent stirs up fresh hopes about rumored standalone Deckard headset

Horizon Worlds’ voice mode can turn strangers’ speech into pleasant gibberish

TikTok’s parent company is gearing up to invest a lot of money in VR

Meta is adding social hangouts to the Quest’s VR home space

This stream has:

All the news coming out of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple’s mixed reality headset will reportedly feature content created by Hollywood directors

Horizon, Resident Evil Village, and more are coming to PlayStation VR2

Looking Glass might have just invented the GIF’s 3D successor

Apple’s RealityOS for rumored headset appears in trademark application

PlayStation VR2 set to launch with over 20 ‘major’ games

Apple reportedly chose a standalone AR / VR headset over a more powerful tethered design

Apple’s board of directors reportedly tried out its upcoming AR / VR headset

Meta is testing end-to-end encryption for Quest’s VR Messenger app

Here’s Mark Zuckerberg demonstrating Meta’s high-end Project Cambria VR headset


These features make the Meta Quest 2 even better

Meta’s VR roadmap reportedly has four new headsets, with both high-end and cheaper Quest units

A VR company is using an artificial patient group to test its chronic pain treatment

Meta is opening its first retail store next month

The biggest announcements at the Meta Quest games showcase

Meta’s Quest hand tracking can now detect high-fives and clapping

Amazon is working on a mysterious AR smart home product, according to job listings

The latest update for Quest headsets lets you chill in a study with mountainside views

Video game history is colliding: Sierra founders are bringing a seminal text adventure game to VR

An official NFL game is coming to Meta Quest and PSVR

Instagram’s promised parental controls arrive in the US

Reggie Fils-Aimé doesn’t believe in Meta’s verse

Apple Health will soon integrate Oculus Move VR fitness stats

Meta reportedly breaks up the 300-person team that was building a hybrid VR / AR OS

Sony finally reveals the PlayStation VR2’s design