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Virtual Reality

Dreamscape Immersive wants to bring location-based VR to the masses, starting with a shopping mall

HTC announces a PC-powered VR headset called the Vive Cosmos

HTC partners with Mozilla to bring Firefox’s virtual reality web browser to the Vive headset

HTC announces new Vive Pro Eye virtual reality headset with native eye tracking

Audi and Disney want to spice up your Uber ride with VR

The Verge 2018 tech report card: AR and VR

League of Legends’ K-pop hit comes to VR game Beat Saber

PlayStation VR has had a quietly awesome year

Magic Leap One just got prescription inserts for people who are nearsighted

VR storybook game Luna is even more mesmerizing on Magic Leap’s headset

Sling TV, ESPN, and Fox Now arrive on Oculus Go headsets

HTC thinks Christians are VR’s next big audience

IMAX is shutting down its virtual reality arcade business for good

Facebook and ZeniMax settle legal battle over Oculus VR and stolen secrets

Chained mixes virtual reality and live actors to tell a dark Christmas tale

The Void’s Ralph Breaks VR puts players inside a giant interactive Disney movie

Google is patenting a pair of motorized VR roller skates

HTC’s China-exclusive Vive Focus VR headset is now launching worldwide

Déraciné is a short, somber VR story from the creators of Dark Souls

Lenovo is now licensing Sony’s patents for its PlayStation VR copycat headset

Pimax opens preorders for its very expensive 8K and 5K VR headsets

A new Oculus feature lets you record an abusive VR user’s behavior and report them

Oculus is dropping movie rentals from the Rift because it’s ‘used primarily for gaming’

Samsung updates its Windows VR headset with better display tech

SteamVR introduces motion smoothing so lower-end PCs can run games with less lag

VR company Sixense is refunding Kickstarter backers for its endlessly delayed STEM controllers

Former VR film company Jaunt is giving up on VR to focus on augmented reality

5 big questions after VR’s big week at Oculus Connect

Oculus’ Quest is the first true VR game console

Oculus promises it hasn’t forgotten the Gear VR

Oculus Quest put us in an ‘arena-scale’ Wild West shootout, and it was great

YouTube is finally coming to all Oculus mobile VR headsets