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Virtual Reality

Google is building an AR headset

Project Iris could see Google go up against Meta and Apple in the coming headset wars

New Meta Quest update lets you access some settings with a pinch

The FTC is reportedly investigating Meta’s VR division for antitrust violations

Apple’s long-in-the-works VR / AR headset may not launch until 2023

Second Life joins the metaverse discussion with the return of its founder — and some key patents

Meta reportedly canceled a 300-person VR / AR operating system project

That Walmart VR shopping video is old news — but so is the metaverse

Qualcomm is working with Microsoft on custom chips for next-gen AR glasses

The Quest Store has a very good New Year’s sale going on

Apple reportedly hires away Meta’s AR public relations head

Intel thinks the metaverse will need a thousand-fold increase in computing capability

A reality check for computing’s next big leap

Among Us is getting a VR version

Apple’s AR headset reportedly uses 3D sensors for hand tracking

The latest Quest update brings cloud backups and a mixed reality view

Apple’s AR headset coming next year with ‘Mac-level’ power: report

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The Oculus Quest 2 comes with a free $50 gift card through Saturday

Hitman 3 VR is coming to PC in 2022

Leaked Resident Evil 4 VR video suggests free Mercenaries DLC will arrive in 2022

HaptX says Meta copied its patented design for haptic glove

Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 has shipped 10 million units, according to Qualcomm

Meta CTO thinks bad metaverse moderation could pose an ‘existential threat’

HTC’s Vive Focus 3 update could free arcades from VR backpacks

The latest Oculus Quest update will help to prevent accidental dog punching

Fitness app Supernatural is becoming part of Meta after Facebook touts VR fitness

Will the Oculus Quest still require a Facebook account? It’s complicated

Amid the fluff, Meta showed an impressive demo of its Codec Avatars

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Facebook Connect: all the news about ‘Meta’ and Mark Zuckerberg’s VR dream

Facebook teases ‘Project Cambria’ high-end VR / AR headset

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming to Oculus Quest 2

Active Pack accessories prepare your Oculus Quest 2 for sweaty VR workouts

Oculus users are getting a new metaverse home

Slack and Dropbox are coming to Oculus Quest