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Welcome to Mossberg, a weekly commentary and reviews column on The Verge and Recode by veteran tech journalist Walt Mossberg, now an Executive Editor at The Verge and Editor at Large of Recode.

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Inside Walt Mossberg’s gadget museum

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Mossberg: The Disappearing Computer

Tech was once always in your way. Soon, it will be almost invisible

Mossberg: Samsung Galaxy S8 squeezes more into less

Mossberg: A plan to preserve the internet

Mossberg: Sonos solves TV audio problems for a stiff price

Mossberg: Yes, you’ve still got mail

Mossberg: The old dream of the information appliance is now real — so what’s next?

After 24 seasons of Top Gear, does a new host lineup make the show worth watching?

Mossberg: Tech’s ruling class casts a big shadow

Mossberg: The PC is being redefined

Mossberg: TV is changing, but not fast enough

Mossberg: Android apps on Chrome OS arrive, disappoint

Mossberg: Flipboard redesigns itself around ‘smart’ digital magazines

Mossberg: Immigration builds America’s tech dominance

Mossberg: What’s up with Firefox, the browser that time forgot?

Mossberg: Lousy ads are ruining the online experience

Mossberg: Streaming TV is beginning to look a lot like cable

Mossberg: The Trump effect

Mossberg: My tech report card for 2016

Mossberg: Why the AT&T-Time Warner merger is dangerous

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Mossberg: In tech, form trumps function too often

Nobody wants beige boxes, but practicality matters, too

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Mossberg: Facebook can and should wipe out fake news

You’re a media company now, Facebook. Behave like one.

Mossberg: New MacBook Pro is a fast, slim tweener

But the battery’s iffy, the Touch Bar is just okay — and you’ll need dongles

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Mossberg: Google Home shows promise, but needs work

An intelligent speaker that isn’t always smart

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Mossberg: The PC has become part of the furniture

New designs are coming, but not that old excitement.

Mossberg: Google's first phone is first rate

Mossberg: Why does Siri seem so dumb?

Mossberg: How Google's bold moves shake up the tech industry

Mossberg: Running Windows 10 and macOS Sierra together

Mossberg: Apple's new watchOS 3 shows the virtue of starting over

Mossberg: Choosing the iPhone 7 is tougher than in the past