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Dropbox ups the storage of its paid plans, gets smarter about cleaning up old files

North Face apologizes after openly gloating about gaming Wikipedia for free advertising

Gmail’s confidential mode will be on by default for G Suite users starting June 25th

Flotato is a wildly clever way to get web apps on your Mac

Twitch is temporarily suspending new creators from streaming after troll attack

New users will have to wait to stream

Redditor wins right to use anonymous screen name in copyright case

Mozilla is making Firefox faster to compete with Chrome

Google has been tracking nearly everything you buy online — see for yourself with this tool

Real estate site Redfin has been testing a feature for buyers to bid for homes online

The US military doesn’t know how many websites it runs

Microsoft wants to make the web more productive with its new Fluid Framework

Mozilla is fixing a bug that stopped Firefox extensions from working

Patreon is raising fees for new creators next week — but not for existing users