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Watch out Hulu: Yahoo Screen is coming for you

Yahoo launches destination video site Yahoo Screen.

Yahoo Screen
Yahoo Screen

Yahoo announced today the launch of a "destination" video site, Yahoo Screen. The very un-Yahoo like site is slick and decently designed, and it unsurprisingly bears some resemblance to Hulu, a site the company likely hopes to compete with.

So far the site has a mixture of original content such as celebrity gossip show OMG! Now, Blue Ribbon Hunter, and Reluctantly Healthy, plus a large sports offering, primetime television shows and news programs. Some of the full length tv shows available are Modern Family, CSI, and Desperate Housewives.

The space is obviously heating up as people move from watching shows at a set time to consuming on-demand content, and other large online destinations such as Aol. have also recently consolidated efforts to become the go-to place for online viewers. While Yahoo Screen is currently only available on laptop and desktop computers, the company says mobile is in its plans for the future.